Is Munroe Island Safe to Travel During the Rain (Monsoon)?

Is Munroe Island Safe to Travel During the Rain (Monsoon)?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions during this time by people who inquire about visiting Munroe Island. As a local, I can explain how to travel to Munroe Island during the monsoon.

My answer would be yes or maybe no, depending on the area you choose to stay within Munroe Island. Munroe Island is safe to travel to during the rainy season. Unlike hill stations, which are at risk of flash floods and landslides during heavy rains that pose a risk to human life, the backwaters of Munroe Island do not face such dangers. The island is equipped with a robust canal system that significantly reduces the occurrence of flooding, especially in the higher-lying areas.

In fact, Munroe Island was formed to mitigate the intensity of floods. Even in the event of a flood-like situation, there is usually no cause for concern as the canal system provides an efficient passage for the water to flow away. Unlike big cities, where even the slightest increase in rain results in drainage clogging and flooding, Munroe Island remains safe.

However, when planning your stay on Munroe Island, it is advisable to choose accommodations in higher areas. This precaution is due to the possibility of water inundation in the low-lying areas of the island, a common occurrence even outside the rainy season due to high tides. Flooding in these areas has increased since the 2004 tsunami. Some attribute this to global warming, while others believe it is due to tectonic shifts post-tsunami. By opting for higher ground, you can ensure a comfortable and worry-free stay, regardless of the weather conditions.

Advantage of Traveling to Munroe Island During Monsoon:

Less crowded: Typically, the crowd is very small. Munroe Island, being an offbeat tourist destination that is usually not crowded, becomes even less so during this time.

Discounts: Accommodation and other services can offer good discounts than usual.

  • Ayurveda: It’s the best time for Aury Vedic treatments.
  • The entire area is green with monsoons. A different and actual beauty of Kerala can be captured

Below is the flood map of Munroe Island giving glimpses of the areas which are vulnerable to inundation:

Overall, Munroe Island offers a safe environment for travelers even during the rainy season, making it a reliable destination year-round. Just take care to choose accommodations in higher areas and consider certain precautions.

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