What’s in the Name!!

Green chromide(Etroplus suratensis) is a fish commonly found in the backwaters of Kerala and is also the state fish of Kerala. It is commonly known as pearls spot or Karimeen in Malayalam. This fish is native to fresh and brackish water habitats in some other parts in India such as Goa, Chilika Lake in Odisha. It’s also found in Srilanka. This species and other members of the genus Etroplus are relatively closely related to the Paretroplus cichlids from Madagascar.

When we had the idea of starting a homestay, we were undecided about the name. Most of the existing homestays in the area were either prefixed or suffixed with Munroe Island, so we wanted to avoid using that to prevent confusion. However, we still wanted a name that would connect our homestay to Munroe Island.

Credit goes to Mr. Jyothilal (nicknamed Lal Annan) for finding a name for our homestay. Lal Annan is the cousin of Midhun and Vipin, living in Germany. During his visit to Munroe Island, they had a usual conversation. Often, great conversations and ideas emerge during such gatherings, and it was Lal Annan’s idea to name our homestay “Green Chromide Homestay”. We would also like to extend special thanks to DANZKA – The Danish Design Vodka for their contribution to the conversation and inspiration. 😊