Why Munroe Island

Why Munroe Island

Munroe Island is often praised for its serene backwaters, lush greenery, and a more off-the-beaten-path experience compared to the relatively more touristy other Kerala backwaters. Munroe Island tends to be quieter and less crowded compared to other Kerala backwaters, offering a more peaceful and authentic experience for those seeking solitude. It’s relatively less commercialized compared to other backwater destinations, offering visitors a glimpse of Kerala’s pristine landscapes.

Its untouched natural beauty, with narrow canals and smaller waterways, appeals to travelers looking for a more rustic, unspoiled environment. Munroe Island offers a glimpse into the local way of life, allowing visitors to interact with villagers, witness traditional activities like coir-making, fishing, and rural livelihoods. The island is surrounded by a network of canals, lagoons, and rivers. Its tranquil backwaters make it an ideal spot for peaceful boat rides, allowing travelers to explore the intricate waterways and witness local life along the banks.

The homestays in Munroe Island provide an authentic experience of Kerala’s hospitality, often allowing visitors to immerse themselves in local customs and cuisines. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture by staying in homestays run by warm and hospitable families. This offers an authentic experience of Kerala’s lifestyle, cuisine, traditions, and customs.

Unlike more popular destinations like Alleppey, Munroe Island tends to be less crowded, offering a more intimate and tranquil experience for those seeking solace amidst nature. The island offers various activities such as canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and village walks. Travelers can explore coir-making units, paddy fields, and witness the traditional way of life in Kerala.

Munroe Island is often appreciated by travelers seeking off-the-beaten-path destinations. It allows for a deeper connection with nature and a slower pace of life, away from bustling tourist spots.

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