Hello! Here is our story.

This is Sunaina, and I am one of the members of Green Chromide Homestay family. For nearly three decades, lived in a bustling city, embracing the fast-paced urban lifestyle. After completing my education, secured a well-paying job and dedicated close to a decade to climbing the corporate ladder. Despite my successful career, I always felt disconnected from my surroundings and yearned for a simpler life with more quality time for my family. These feelings sparked the inspiration to start a homestay in Munroe Island, which happens to be my husband’s village. After much contemplation, I made the bold decision to leave behind city life and relocate to Munroe Island with my daughter. Although the transition wasn’t easy, I was determined to make it work. With the unwavering support of my husband, his brother Mr. Vipin, and my sister-in-law Divya, we embarked on the journey of starting a homestay business, showcasing the village’s beauty and charm to tourists. The primary reason for my choice to make Munroe Island my permanent home and establish a homestay business in the village stems from the strong support I received from my husband, Mr. Midhun, and his family, which includes his brother Vipin, Vipin’s wife Divya, as well as my in-laws, Purushothaman and Saraswathy.

We look forward to welcoming you to our riverside homestay and sharing with you the beauty and simplicity of our backwater village.